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    Default Mobolazer GS1

    Just bought this off ebay (mainly for the 100mw 532 module).
    The auction came with a Mobolazer GS1 and Smartpad. It said that the scanner was not working- hence the cheap price, and sure enough, the X axis is not moving. When powered up, both axis lock in place, then the Y starts scanning while the other remains still.
    I tried swapping the power amplifier IC's to see if the problem switched from X to Y, but this did nothing. I also reseated the ROM, also nothing. The cables all meter out good. The board says "Laserworks" on it, and it has a bunch of what I assume are op-amps, but they appear to have the part numbers scrubbed off ?!. I wetted the surface of a few, and it looks like they are JRC 1458D general purpose dual op amps.
    I don't know if this thing would be worth saving/having repaired or not (if even possible due to age of 10 years). If anyone has any ideas for something to try, a contact, etc. please let me know. I'd hate to trash it into the parts box- it looks like it would be a fun toy to use when I don't want to fire up something bigger.
    Thanks, Mike
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    send it to someone like drlava.. he may be able to help..
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    Hey Mike -

    Quote Originally Posted by mikkojay View Post
    Just bought this off ebay (mainly for the 100mw 532 module). The auction came with a Mobolazer GS1 and Smartpad....The board says "Laserworks" on it...
    Instead of retyping it all, I'll just send ya HERE, where I had, by coincidence, answered someone else awhile back, about nearly the same thing... Like I said, there, be 'patient' with 'Sel', there - he might take a couple days to get back to ya - or, he may answer on the first ring...

    Hope this info helps...
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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