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Thread: I am PANGOed :-)

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    Default I am PANGOed :-)

    Some months ago i came here to PL just to get informed.
    There was alot of good information on laser and DACs.

    I never imagined that the most important thing for showlaser whas the DAC.
    After reading alot of good things about the Pangolin FB3 i bought one.
    I made a nice box fot he controller and began playing with the LA studio software.
    Sadfully the learning curve and user community wasn't what i was looking for.
    Buffo preached the LD2k .... but damnn 1500 dollars is alot of money.

    Finally i got frustrated and was having doubts about the laser hobby.
    By some strange evil power, bill must have sensed a disturbance in the force because he contacted me about the FB3 beyond software (delayed) and offered me to return the FB3 and upgrade to a Ld2K system.

    Now 3 weeks later i a verry happy man.
    Bill and the guys at Pango helped me alot with the shipping and some technical data.

    Today i installed the QM card in a temporary computer and started playing with it on my small unfinished practice RGB projector.
    I looks like system is all i could wish for..!!!!
    The software looks very user friendly and everything runs smooth... even on my shitty super LOWbudget projector.

    After watching some shows i did have some oldschool fun playing laseroids... wuahahaha :-)

    PANGOed 4 life!!!!!

    Thank you BILL, Paulo, Justin and all the people at Pangolin!!!

    Next step... finishing the LOWbudget projector, order my lasers from Monkey brother Brigde and start building my real projector.

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    CONGRATS!!! I cant wait to be in the boat with you guys!

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    It's amazing how a QM2K can make even the most basic projector kick all kinds of ass. Welcome to the club Anthony, or should I say PUG (Pangolin Users Group).

    Don't forget to load up Winamp and the plug in!

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    You can't beat LD2000.. The price might be higher than the competition, but nothing makes your lasers look better...

    Much more of a fluid motion to the scanners than anything else I have seen. Everyting else looks so much more mechanical by comparison...


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    WOW! You take some great looking pics there Anthony.

    Yeah, Buffo also convinced me that I should go with the QM-2000 after a long phone conversation with him. I was very apprehensive at first due to the price but after talking with Adam and doing some research, it seemed to be the best bang for my buck. Why keep upgrading if I can just go right to the best and save all the headache of upgrading.

    Well, I'll tell ya... I got WAY MORE than I expected. Not only are the main pieces of software (LD-2000 and ShowTime) totally awesome but all the extra software you get is equally amazing! I went from a JPEG image of my company logo to a beautiful rendition in laser art in a matter of a couple mouse clicks using the TraceIt software. Truly awesome!

    Every time I use my Pangolin programs I find something new and fun to use. While other less inexpensive hardware/software packages do exist. I personally believe none of them can come close to what the Pangolin LD-2000 system has to offer in function, intuitive design, and content.

    On top of all that! I have recieved nothing but top of the line support from Bill and crew at Pangolin. They have all been kind, courious, detailed and informative. Every question I have emailed them has been answered, quickly and professionally.

    I'm not done yet.... Content! OMG! Well over 100 professional beam and graphics shows included and growing! Who else offers that! All of them worth watching over and over again for many years. Also, the frames. Thousands and thousands of professionally drawn frames all included to create your own shows.

    What more could you ask for. After a long evaluation of the Pango way.... I'd say it's worth every cent.

    Have fun exploring your Pango, Anthony. I'm sure you'll be equally as impressed as I was when you start digging around in the functions and features as well as watching the included shows.

    Welcome to the Pango Pack!

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    "Tools not toys"

    Well done you will start to appreciate, as you get into it, what a powerful sysem this really is.

    I recently did an event using four lasers at once... one Pro board three intro's plus .Net..
    Then the system really becomes a tool for the job....

    Congrats have a heap of fun.



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