Hi all,
Pleasure to say hello to everyone, my friends, just back from ILOPE(http://www.ilope-expo.com/), and find here are more active than before, we had many fun during today, niceful weekend and great friday for laser hobbiest.
yes, thanks for all of you support laser-wave's products, during this weekend, (only this weekend) we 'd like give our customers or new customers more pleasure to feel laser-wave's products.
whatever where you are from, whatever from who you buy, if you order this weekend, you can gain the same prices as below(this prices is not including shipping prices, bank fee or paypal charge), time is from 28/11, 12 o'clock to 30/11, 12 o'clock. (NewYork time)
our authorization distributor in PL forums is :
green lasers
100mW 170USD
300mW 510USD
500mW 880USD
800mW 1290USD
1000mW 1490USD
blue lasers
50mW 540USD
100mW 745USD
150mW 1140USD
200mW 1425USD
Shipping prices from China to your place is below:
American and Canada, 95USD
EU(England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria,Norway………..),120USD
EMS (2.5kg)
American and Canada, 79USD
EU(England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Norway………..), 88USD
Best regards!