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    Default AMA Lasers

    everyone see this??

    American music awards were on the other night and my OH MY GOD....MY MOST FAAAAAAVORITE BAND in like the ENTIIIIRE world came on....

    AAAAHHH....its like.....the JONAS BROTHERS.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyway, back to the performance? they had some coherent light in there!!

    nothing spectacular. but just good to see some beams of coherency being used in mainstream media!! and NOt just in burning electrical tape or shining on airplanes!!



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    Hey Marc -

    Quote Originally Posted by gottaluvlasers View Post
    everyone see this??

    American music awards were on the other night and my OH MY GOD....MY MOST FAAAAAAVORITE BAND in like the ENTIIIIRE world came on....

    nothing spectacular
    LOL - yer funny, dude.... And thanks for posting this clip - perfect opportunity to 'raise some eyebrows'...

    NOW - #1 - DISCLAIMER: I am in NO WAY dissing or speaking badly of the laser show Companies discussed herewithin, NOR, necessarily, the Manufacturer that will be referenced - this is merely an 'editorial / food-for-thought'-musing on some pretty pricey-for-the-results-I've-seen gear...

    From what I understand, these guys are the Co. behind the JBs, there - but the point is, that if the details, found here, are correct, elsewhere I read that this was, in fact, an 'Arctos' unit...which would, logically, be the 'Arctos 10'. (umm, *ahem* that is, as-in '10 WATTS'...)


    Well, yes, there was not a lot of fog, in this vid, and yes, there was a lot of 'ambient' light - and maybe I'm just 'Sabre-spoiled' - but that sure don't look like an arse-whoopin' 10 WATTS of whitelight in the center to me...

    Now, I am NOT saying that they are not tellin' the truth - I believe it's a 10W - based on what I've seen in real-life earlier this year, it fits right in...

    In April, I was at the Coachella Valley Music Fest, in Indio, CA, doing a gig with Laser Images (aka Laserium...) - Next night, when I walked into the one DJ tent where they were rocking 3 of the Arctos WL units + 2- Arctos Greenies - my first comment about the WL in the rear-of-house, near the very amiable laser-Op guy from the Co (who shall remain nameless...) was: "...Arctos, huh?... Cool, man... - so, is that the 2 W or the 5 W WL?..." - and he chuckles, and goes: "...No, man...that's the 10 Watt!" -

    I'm like, "..Oh, sure, right...hah, silly me...", but I'm thinkin: NFW that is 10 Watts - I just got done doing a show with 12W, thru a PCAOM, split into 2 via a 50/50 to twin-scan pairs - and it STILL smoked this thing, brightness-wise!!

    When he had a break in his live-cues, he was gracious enough to take me around the back of the thing, which was still running, but now, via LivePro, and he was again, graciously answering all my questions - but I noticed that the LCD panel read '3.4W' - so I asked him ", I see '3.4 W' - is this thing just turned down right now?" and he tells me that 'no, this was an earlier-Gen model of the Arc10, and that was only telling us the Green output, and it's been on the road awhile, blah, blah, blah...'.... Again, I'm thinking like, 'ok, but that ain't 3.4 Watts of Green either!'...

    I'll give it this - the colors were beautiful - very nice 'neon-y saturation', no 'speckle', just pure, pure, pure. But the convergence was out a bit, and there was NOTHING like 10 Watts coming out of that thing... And I am not really blown-away by these JB 'supposed-10 Watt' shots / the vid either - I can believe 4 Watts, yeah, sure - but not 10....

    So, the moral of this whole story is, I am NOT ripping on the JB's Laser Co., NOR on the guy / Co. at the Coachella show - but I gotta say - If I'm gonna drop ~$85,000. (probably more - I am 'extrapolating' based on knowing that the 5 Watt IS ~$55K...) on a 10 Watt SS whitelight - I damn-sure better SEE 10 Watts comin' out that hole - and LONG after it 'just arrived and I took it out of the box' - I had better see 10 Watts BALANCED WHITE, still, 6-9 months-out, after it's 'been on the road awhile', for that kind of moulah...

    I mean, for $80 GRAND - heck, even $55 G's, I sure don't wanna be paying all those bux for 10-supposed-Watts, and bloody-8 of it is 532 - or - my 'balanced-white' is really only 6 or 7 Watts, tops... then, at a hot gig (like Coachella was...), I've got 3.4 Watts???? Umm, pass.... If I paid $80K for a 10W WL Ion, I'd sure-as-shootin' get 10 - probably 12-15 W - and it would be as 'white as the sun', right out of the box...

    I dunno....The Arc design / engineering is cool, but they use 650nm's, and the temp-management-system is obviously not there, yet, and, and... $80K???? (or however-much over $55K the 10W is...)

    Anyhoo, Marc - thanks for the vid!!

    Rant over...
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    Woo Woo!!

    Dang - I miss the '70's.........

    Metrologic HeNe 3.3mw Modulated laser, 2 Radio Shack motors, and a broken mirror.

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    I'm so glad the PC I'm using has headphones plugged in, preventing the speakers from serinading me with that music.

    I do agree, that totally doesn't look like 10 watts to me either. I imagine it's very bright on that stage, but still!


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    This reminds me of one of my favorite 'main stream' laser shows.

    I think it was at the european music awards, and the band's name is "Muse"

    It's pretty bitchin.... check it out

    they have some serious green going on there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuka View Post
    I want my 30 seconds back. Those guys suck.

    Nice to see the lasers though. Pretty lame display compared to a good rave (or SELEM even), but lasers nonetheless.


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