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Thread: WANTED 808nm 5.6mm pump diode

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    Default WANTED 808nm 5.6mm pump diode

    Today i have fried 2 of my greenie's trying to beta test a project driver i am working on.
    The sallenkey or differential circuit isn't working properly....grrrrrr

    I am looking for cheap 5,6mm 808nm Pump diode's to repair the lasers.
    I was running the lasers at 420mA so i think it must be 500mW diode's

    Can anyone help me ?

    this is a picture of one of the diode's

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    buy a few laser pointers...the green ones... They can be had for less than a 20US spot.Check fleabay.....most have what you need. I know there is some near you. Just unsolder from the driver and you will have MCA parts to spare.
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