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Thread: christmas in tokyo

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    Default christmas in tokyo

    this is a really nice idea to do with lasers

    have a look at the link
    2 x 10w full colour laser systems
    2 x 4w full colour laser systems
    2 x 3w full colour laser systems
    1 450mw pinkem rgb 30k scanner
    2 x 1 watt green laser
    4 x 1 watt blue 445nm laser systems
    3 watt rgb .

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    No baubles !!

    They could have had some of those air columns synchronised with the beams and raised up some different coloured baubles on columns of compressed air. Obviously between the beams so as not to interrupt them.

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    thats good

    but the guy that posted that (TokyoKouji) has some other good laser related posts including this one

    check out the other stuff

    all the best ... Karl

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