For all those interested... I have added a new site (hope this doesn't create any confusion/problem) in the hopes that this will serve as a backup of what's on other sites in the case that they do go down. Also, I will do my best to mirror the others so long as the owners do not mind...

One thing I am doing differently though is that I will be creating user accounts for anyone interested in getting access to the hosted space.

The plan I am using has no space limits and no transfer limits, so this should be good for all hosting needs should anything big need to be transferred, especially between users.

IF the need arises I may go the extra step of making it such that a user can delete/modify files only from their folder, but only read files from others' folders.

FTP will be hosted at

For access and to get a username registered, please PM me.

Also, if anyone feels there is a reason for this to not be around, please feel free to let me know as well.

Best regards;