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Thread: Iowa Gets Laser-Guided Snowplows

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    Post Iowa Gets Laser-Guided Snowplows

    Apparently, these are <5mW.

    Oh, and the devices are made by LaserLine Manufacturing in Redmond, OR which happens to be where the best steakhouse in the world, Coyote Ranch is located. (well, in my opinion anyway...)

    I wonder if I'll see these on the pass this winter. I end up driving it at night a number of times between here (Portland area) and Bend every winter for work.


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    "Each of the laser devices costs about $2,400."

    Why would it cost that much for a 5mw laser modue??

    Not like there is anything special about the laser modules they are using.

    Would be cool to see those going along the streets tho!

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    Flying over a town near you


    Thanks for the heads I will write up the proposal and send it to state maintenance. Maybe get a contract after seeing another state use this......Machined mounts,modified pointer to run on 12 vdc,sealed optical window.A great bargain at $2150 estimated costs per unit. LOL!

    My question is who gets the blame when some kid gets a shot in the eye and sues the state? The driver?
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    This seems like some dude at the "plow-house" had notting to do, and then he get his greenie and some duck-tape outside and have fun with the plow :P

    In Norway the plows that is on the mountains use GPS to locate the roads
    Becouse the snow and wind in the air make the sight less than 1-3 meeters away from the driver.. (so any lasers would not have been visible)

    And when they dont use the GPS to plow, they have more than 40-60mph (80kmh) speed to get the snow far away from the road..
    So if the driver should have used a green lasers, he never had any time to look at it :P

    so for me this seems like a pointless project...
    If not ALL the factors is perfect, No wind\snow in the air, perfect height on the road.. and so on....

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