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Thread: *FREE* 3D Laser frame creation

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    This is what you want.

    There is a way to get rid of multiple traces over the same lines.

    If you go into menu 'u' and look at the on-off options at the bottom, option 'd' equal segment removal in minimizing is off by default, because it can make the whole process take a lot longer. But if you know you have multiple traces over the same lines, then with this set to on they will be removed when you minimize.

    I also exploded this frame and glued the multi-part letters together with "lit black vectors" !!!

    Then I collapsed it again.


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    Default Thanks, I was wondering about that!

    To think I was about to buy this monster: digitizer of great largeness...

    I will be trying out this very soon, I just helped model a cube of 1000 spheres that could be interesting.

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