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Thread: Homemade Amp with Camb. 6880: will it work?

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    Default Homemade Amp with Camb. 6880: will it work?

    Hi guys, I hate posting , but I have a question.

    I am making a laser harp. First I got my 20k kit from Lasershowparts and now I want to use that for another project.

    I am pretty good with electronics so I want to make my own servo amp board like ChaN (link below) and hook it up to a Cambridge 6880 (Link to pin-out below) I got off ebay. I am assuming that I can just hook Galvo pwr grds and PD-A and B to Chans board. But what about the AGC input on the galvo? Or am I completely off?
    (click on the link on the right to get the pin-out)

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    AGC circuit.

    Have you gently asked Cambridge what to do? Mike Thanos is a nice guy, and lead amp engineer at cambridge.

    Most agcs need a constant current drive. Most capacitive feedback sensors output their signal as two currents into a load you provide. Usually thats a difference amplifer made from a opamp.

    There is a cambridge amp for optical diode feedback here, it might help with the rest of the amp, but try asking Cambridge or maybe Bill Benner at Pangolin what you need circuit wise,.


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