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Thread: RedLine Laser Controller Info

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    Default RedLine Laser Controller Info

    Does anyone have any info on the Red Line XYP-1000 laser controller. I
    have searched the net and no luck. I really need the pin-outs for the
    scanners and the blanker in the plug on the back. I can run them down
    but it would be easier if I had a book on it. Also I would like to
    know how to program and run the unit.

    Also does anyone have a lexel 88 tube/head that is in good shape. I
    have a ps but I broke the tip of the tube by accident last yr. I know
    I can get a new tube for 500.00 if I have too but I thought I would
    check if anyone has one sitting around.
    Steve Wall

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    I have it, let me dig mine out tomorrow and I will supply you with a pin-out.
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    I had one of these controllers many many years ago. I upgraded the 2 projectors I had with it and put in a 35mW Red laser module and a whopping 10mW DPSS green. At the time DPSS green had not been out long a 10mW cost a lot of money!
    The controller though was frought with crashing a lot and seemed a total waste of time programming it as it would often forget what you'd done or flip out and die on you, not to mention trying to program it via the hideously difficult membrane keypad! It had a decent enough sound to beat interface. I think I ended up just cycling it through its 100 or so preset EPROM patterns in the end using the sound to beat. It had a little shutter flag on the projectors which was also used on some patterns to chop the beams/ line up (crude, but ok)
    As I said it would often freeze and crash during its "Showtime" moment and then sometimes take a while to come back. In the end it just died and that was it.

    Unfortunately I have no instructions for it though.

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