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    I am currently choosing the wiring materials for my RGB while I wait for my blue, and it seems like a long wait indeed!

    The wiring inside the projector will only be a foot or so at most - a small percentage of the path the signal must traverse, but how crucial is the conductor construction? (specifically for the X/Y/R/G/B channels) Is any old 22AWG sufficient? Even if any wire is sufficient, would one type be better than another? I have access to a very wide variety of wire free of charge, so I might as well use the best. On the other hand, is it even worth it considering that it's only 10% of the channel length?

    Should I look for characteristics such as coaxial construction, shielded pairs, low capacitance, or high velocity of propagation?


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    this is what i use all the time and NEVER had a problem-

    all signal (low Voltage) runs- 18 ga. stranded.

    Scanners (from DB25 connector ILDA input): SHIELDED 18ga. stranded. (with shield grounded to chassis)

    line level: (120V or 220V)- 16ga stranded. all run AWAY from low level signal runs.

    try to have one central point for all line level connections also. Also one central location for all ground bond connections. (earth ground. NOT ILDA ground!)


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