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Thread: Custom Graphics for CR-Laser's Super 7s

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    Default Custom Graphics for CR-Laser's Super 7s


    The club that I work in have 2 Super 7s lasers. Up until now I have only been using the onboard graphics, as I am new to them and don't know much about how to program lasers. Most of the preprogramed patterns & shapes suck and with Christmas & New Year coming I wanted to customize the graphics with something a little more festive.

    If any of you guys have used the Super7s can you tell me if graphics can be uploaded and stored in the unit itself or does it have to be controlled via a computer. The lasers sit at roof level pointing down to the dance floor and are linked to the lights on the truss via DMX, because of the distance the lasers are from the lighting booth, setting up a permanent cable run to control them over ILDA would not be very practical.

    The club have lost the manuals for them and the CR-Laser website doesn't offer much help and I can't find much info about the lasers at all on the web. Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated.


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    no you need to control them from a pc(or other ilda source such as a fb3) if you want any thing other than what you get on the dmx card there is no way to change that

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