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Thread: JDS uniphase 2111P-20sl PSU jumpers

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    Laser status means "IT CAN LASE".
    Laser Drawing Power..." The Plasma Arc is Running"
    As I see it:
    Wire a switch between 36 to37 "ON/OFF"
    Wire a Switch between 34 to 35 "IDLE/RUN"
    Wire a 100 Ohm or 1000 Ohm potentiometer with the wiper to pin 2..
    1 ~^^^^^2^^^^~3
    I have No idea on pin 6....
    Give it une minute / one minute to heat up the cathode.
    Bon Chance...

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    Thanks Steve!

    PS: Official Spectra-Physics support answer was: "This laser long obsolete and no manual available."

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