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Thread: 9/11

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    Default 9/11

    Just thinking about those terrible events on 11th September 2001 .

    I had the Satellite TV on in my office that day (watching the financial markets) and was stunned when the news started to unfold. Nothing can even begin to describe how I felt as I watched the second plane hit the towers. Up to that point it could have been some tragic accident, the second plane left no doubt it was a terrorist atrocity.

    To coin a popular phrase, the world changed forever on that day. My thoughts go out to everyone who lost loved ones in the disaster, and to all those whose lives were touched by the events on that sad day.

    There's so much that could be said, but words somehow would never even begin to explain or comprehend mans inhumanity to his fellow man. Lets hope that the world eventually finds peace.

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    11/9, you guys have weird date formats

    I noticed today during school it was the 11th today as well, and I second what Jem said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jem View Post
    and to all those whose lives were touched by the events on that sad day.
    = anybody who is aware of the events that day.

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    Here is a link to a tribute my younger brother hosts on this day every year:

    Definitely a sad, memorable day for most of us, and a life changer for many, even those that were not directly affected by the events of that day.

    May we never forget.....

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    If you have a minute take the time to think about Laserist A.J.Seabeck, who was doing a install, and had to dive under a generator for cover, then walk out the long hard way to his home in NJ.

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    Ugly, Sad day in not only U.S. History, but world history.

    No matter what your views, no matter what your beliefs, no matter who your god may be, no matter what your political insights may be, MURDERING of innocents is the work of cowards.

    May we NEVER forget!


    (randy- your brother did an amazing job with that tribute!)

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    A sad day indeed, for everyone in the world.

    Here's some interesting commentary from the UK, in case you missed it when it first came out. It's really well written, and it nails Marc's point exactly.


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    Today should be reserved for remembering the friends and families of those murdered on 9/11...every other day should be spent to answer the question...why.
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    That commentary is right on the money...
    I'm Canadian.... and if It had been myself that was on the button that
    day... Well the outcome would have no doubt been different...

    It is/was a sad horrific event.. but it makes us realize that "Satanic Cowards"
    are out there... and we are not immune...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasersbee View Post
    but it makes us realize that "Satanic Cowards"
    are out there... and we are not immune...

    Or "Devout Religious Cowards".. 9-11 was done in the name of Allah, not Satan.

    It's most unfortunate that one's religion (supposedly the root of morality) can be misused and misunderstood to encourage senseless slaughter. This is a problem that has manifested itself in many religions over time, not just Muslim. Every religion is the only "true" religion and each "God" is the only true God. Finding common ground or a way to coexist is nearly impossible under that kind of belief system. Fortunately, most religious people just accept these differences and move on, living their lives in a way that they believe is right. Others force their beliefs on the people who do not share them, sometimes violently.

    I'm sure it is a touchy subject among some, but in my opinion organized religion poses as large a threat to the future of the world as nuclear holocaust did during the cold war. Hopefully cooler heads will generally prevail in the big picture, so that things never get too out of hand.

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