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Thread: Board bugs go here

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    Not really a bug, more like a feature 'bring-it-back' request... I know this might not be very easy, but is it at all possible to bring back the auto-refill of the quick reply box?

    vB screwed it up big time by making it so you can't do a quick reply with a quote in threads...

    But I think they also screwed up even more by making it so that in PM's, the reply box is not auto-filled by the original PM's text.

    I'm not sure if this is a feature that's turned off, or they just forgot about it... but I really liked that in the older version.

    I suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect... daily.

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    Default smiley

    i too have trouble with smileys when i place one the curser stays behind it and i can not write in front of it
    this happens most of the time but somtimes it works ok ?
    for all the good work admin

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